Marking those “Notebooks”!

My young colleague diligently checking her students' "notebooks"

 I was struck by this scene and I had to document it. Here is a young colleague of mine diligently checking her students’ netbooks, or should I say “notebooks”. It is indeed a lovely sight to behold!

Since the distribution of these netbooks to first formers across the country, the manner in which they have been put to use varies from school to school and from teacher  to teacher. There are some who have not made any meaningful effort to incorporate the device into their lessons; there are those who have used there own resourcefulness, ingenuity, and instinct to put the netbooks to use and thereby enhance the teaching and learning process. In the mean time several colleagues have undergone some taining inthe use of ICTs in the classroom. 

At the Barrouallie Secondary School, ICT Integration in teaching and learning  is the top priority for the administration and staff. Quite a number of of activities have taken place to assist teachers in making use not just of the the netbooks, but every other available tool for ICT integration. For the most part, our teachers are enthusiastic about the possibilities presented by the various ICT tools for eenhancing teaching and learning.

Several of my young colleagues do not have any formal training in pedagogy, but it is quite impressive to see how thay have used natural curiosity and creativity, through collaboration  to develop and present lessons aided by technology.

You may wonder what my young colleague could be doing with all those “notebooks” before her. I counted 18. It could be more. Perhaps she is marking them; perhaps she is checking them; who knows! One thing is for certain, both my colleague and her students are enthusiastic about the endless possibilities for enjoyable teaching and learning that these and similar devices present!

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