Are teachers abusing school phones?

Several schools across the state have been affacted by the programme of disconnection for unpaid bills recently carried out by LIME. We have since learnt that the unpaid bills had nothing to do with the government’s lack of resources or inability to pay. Instead, it is a question of poor mangement and abuse.

The abuse of the phone service in government departments and agencies including school is rampant! That is the conventional view. In the case of schools we must accept the fact that phone bills are high due partly or wholly to abuse by teachers. Should we sit back and accept this view?

Pause for a moment and consider the following points:

  1. Since about 2005 every single teacher is in possession of one or two or even three mobile phones.
  2. The preferred mobile phone or similar device for your average teacher is a smartphone (BlackBerry, iPhone etc).
  3. The preferred modes of communication is texting or “bbming”, or chatting on MSN and Yahoo Messenger.  Note: The phone is hardly ever used for “talking”.
  4. It is easier and safer to gossip with a colleague, friends and family using a mobile handset instead of using the school phone which is invariably an old time fixed line handset situated in a public place.
  5. Most, if not all fixed lines in schools are on a the “flat fee” plan and are generally barred from making calls to mobile phones and overseas numbers.

In this context, it is difficult to figure out why and how a teacher would abuse a school phone. The old land line is simply no longer the preferred means of communicating. This is the 21st century; it is the age of FB and Twitter! Why would any teacher go into the office or staff room and spend hours on the school phone?

Call me daft! But, it just does not make any sense to me!

4 responses

  1. YES …….. teacher need to understand that it a job not a liming spot they need to understand that the phone is use for only school work school business

  2. Paula Carrington | Reply

    You’d be surprised. What if they have no credit on their phone? What makes you think that most teachers have smart phones? How do you know if they can afford one? Maybe those who have them got them as gifts from relatives abroad. Young unemployed people are the ones with the latest phones and other technological devices, not teachers. We cannot even get a salary increase to buy them. So when ‘some’ people want to make calls during school hours well they will use what is available.

    1. Dahlia Williams | Reply

      I agree with Paula here. I am amazed at the fact that I cannot afford a phone at all, yet young unemployed ladies and guys as well sport the latest and brag about their devices they have gone through already. So really, in the eventuality that an emergency arises, whatever means are available will have to be utilized to deal with it. Definitely not liming nor gossiping!

  3. lizberth pitcairn | Reply

    Most parents and guardians can only be contacted via cellphone,.Must teachers use their privately owned and topped-up phones to do Goverment work and to talk to childrens’ parents???

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