Should we get rid of bad teachers?

Here is the link to a story recently carried by the Jamaica Gleaner. Read it! Could this be about SVG too? Is it not time that we start such a discussion? I am ready. Are you?

2 responses

  1. yes bad teacher are SOMETIMES the cause of failure of student
    MIND me i said some times it is not always the teachers fault but when there is an unprofessional teacher in a round that they can’t handly they tend to behave street like.

  2. Dahlia Williams | Reply

    I have worked with a lot of teachers and some of us need to have refresher courses on behavioral management. When a teacher can go to a class and tell the students that if they don’t want to learn, he or she will still collect a salary at the end of the month, it means the teacher has reached a breaking point and is in need of a break. Sometimes a simple workshop on classroom management strategies can work. When us human Teachers feel appreciated, we perform better. Positive encouragement is better than threats. We become inspired and optimistic that our students can do well, and therefore we put more effort into what we are doing.

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