P. John’s strike? My non-response to Denniston Douglas


I read an interesting piece in the Searchlight of Tuesday October 20, 2015 captioned: “Whose mandate, Mr President?” and purportedly written by one Denniston Douglas as a letter to the editor.

Mr Douglas, in his missive, sought to establish that I played a very significant  role in bringing about the strike of October 13, 2015. Yes, that strike called by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) and the Public Service Union (PSU). The gentleman erroneously suggests that I was somehow the mastermind and chief instigator of the whole affair.

I can respond to Bro Denniston point by point, but I choose NOT to. I will say this, however, that his is a fantastic piece of literature. I also wish to commend him for the dramatic improvement in his language skills as evidenced in the piece. Good going brother. Keep it up! You are poised to join the pantheon of the Caribbean’s literary greats!

In the meantime, I wish to get back to the awesome task of advancing the interests of my students and my colleagues as we continue to give full effect to the education revolution. I think I still have a small contribution to make in this regard.

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