SVGTU Elections: Re-elect Cain, Doyle and Bynoe …3 sterling stalwarts!

Over the past biennium, some members of the SVGTU executive have worked very hard in advancing the interests of the union and its membership. They are now seeking re-election. In this article, I wish to offer my sincere endorsement for these candidates. I think that they should be given the opportunity to serve again. I refer to no other persons but Cain, Doyle and Bynoe, three sterling stalwarts of the outgoing executive.


Bro Kent Cain

The first among these stalwarts is Bro Kent Cain. He served as as 2nd vice-president on the outgoing executive and now seeks re-election to that position. Bro Kent has been a faithful and committed member of the executive. He gave solid support  and has acquitted himself as a dependable team player. Brother Kent also showed his mettle during the recent impasse with the government. He gave full support to the cause of the union amidst pressure from many of his colleagues. The union needs committed foot soldiers and generals like Bro Kent. He should be returned to office.

Sis Sharon Doyle

Then, there is Sis Sharon Doyle. Sharon served as a committee member and she now seeks re-election. I have known Sharon for many years. As far as I could tell, she has never missed a union activity of significance. Sis Sharon is perhaps one of the most dependable members I have come across. As committee member, she has been the one to cover for the often absent Jane Farrell and fulfill her duties. On many occasions, Sharon has been the one who took minutes whenever Jane failed or refused to show up. We need people like Sharon Doyle back on the executive. Give her your support!


Sis Wendy Bynoe

Finally, the current PRO Sis Wendy Bynoe is seeking re-election to that post. In the interest of full disclosure, I consider Wendy a friend. I must therefore declare my bias in her favour. My personal feelings not withstanding, very few would disagree that Sis Wendy has done an outstanding job as public relations officer during her tenure. She made SVGTU a household name; she has been the voice and face of the union; during the recent impasse with the government Wendy took  a lot of flak from those in high authority and even a few misguided and disgruntled members. But, she bore it all with poise and dignity. Even without my endorsement, Sis Wendy Bynoe has done more than enough to merit re-election. Give her your full support!

Along with Bro Oswald Robinson, who seeks re-election as president, Bro Kent Cain, Sister Sharon Doyle and Sister Wendy Bynoe constitute the elements on the outgoing executive who worked extremely hard and made great personal sacrifices for the cause of our union. They represented the stable influence and the forward advance that the union attempted over the past biennium. They now seek re-election. I therefore urge all members to give them your full support without reservation or hesitation.

Philbert “Peejohn” John

One response

  1. Peejohn, I have told you before to leave Jane alone. Don’t trouble people who don’t trouble you. You have all the information as to the reason/s why Jane was absent from meetings, so much for professionalism. The person who usually give you all the business of the executive could continue to feed you with ‘commess’ because that is all both of you usually do, talk ‘commess’. Why don’t the two of you tell Jane anything to her face? Some information for both of you, whatever you push out in your left hand you would receive in your right. I do hope that both of you along with your 1st Vice President have achieved your main objective. The three of you must remember that SVG is a small place and people repeat what ‘we’ all say. Some people are as we say in layman’s term “so conniving”. They meet you in the road and laugh and talk with you, but “ALL grin teeth is NOT laugh”. These same people are killing you slowly. Today is me, tomorrow someone else.

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