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Cheating on SBAs? CXC gets tough!

Cheating on SBAs has been one of my pet peeves over the years. In their haste to submit their projects, students have tried every trick in the book to gain an advantage. There is no point in detailing their cheating strategies here. Suffice it to say, at one point,  I once considered challenging the validity of the SBA component  of CXC exams.

I am sure that CXC has been aware of the problem over the years. They have now decided to get tough with the culprits. Apparently, with the growth of ICT, cheating has become even more widespread and more complicated.

The following was recently reported on the CXC website as concerns emerging from a meeting of officers of the Council.

Problems in SBAs

An issue of major concern which was brought to the fore was plagiarism as it related to School-Based Assessment projects, also called SBAs. In a move to clamp down on dishonesty both on the part of teachers and students Giles said CXC would be toughening its stance and ensuring work was screened in a more meticulous manner. One school, in which the country was not identified, submitted an SBA where it was later discovered that the teacher “repackaged” the project. That teacher, she said, was recommended by CXC to be suspended and all the students in that particular class were not awarded any marks.

Another problem relating to SBAs was that in some cases the projects were not being submitted by students. The result of which led to the student not being graded for the subject. According to The Caribbean Examiner, a publication of CXC, for October 2011 it cited that reported cases of fraud in the 2011 examinations included:

• Collusion in the examination room;

• collusion on SBAs;

• impersonation;

• forged signature;

• taking notes into the examination room and;

• submission of identical practical reports;

• Submission of fabricated SBA marks;

• Submission of SBA projects previously submitted by past students.

It is interesting to note that CXC has found some teachers to be culpable. However, I choose not to comment on that at this time. I would only say that teachers should know that they DO NOT help our young people when the collude with them to cheat on SBAs.

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