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Teachers, when was your last increment?

As the government proceeds to increase the salaries of public sector workers, after a lapse of several years, the notion of ”regular increments” has been inserted into the narrative, again. The point presumably being made is this: Even without a general increase in salaries during the period, public servants have been receiving regular increments each year without fail. This is absolutely correct. The problem is, however, every public servant does not get an annual increment.

Public sector workers on the permanent establishment are generally paid according to a scale. This means that when one is first appointed to a named post, he/she is paid at the start, the minimum salary associated with that post. Then, a small increase is granted each year until the maximum salary becomes payable. Depending on the post, it takes between four and seven years to earn the maximum.

It is safe to assume that the vast majority of public servants have reached the maximum salary payable in their respective posts. The only hope for any further increase, barring a promotion, is a general enhancement in salaries across the board. Consider the table below with examples from the teaching profession.

increments Source: SVG Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure 2018

Anyone holding any of these posts for a period in excess of the listed number of years is NOT entitled to any further annual increase. In the case of the education sector, this may well amount to hundreds of teachers.

Any attempt to give the impression that increments are paid across the board on an annual basis is misleading. Perhaps, the government and the unions should begin to consider whether increments should be automatic, as they currently are, or whether they should be granted based on performance. That is another issue!



A student loan default crisis in SVG?

student loan

The National Student Loan Programme has published a list of names and addresses of persons who have apparently defaulted on student loans over the years. In a press release carried in the Searchlight on Friday July 28, 2017, a number of persons were asked to contact the Ministry of Education by August 31, 2017.  While the release did not specifically identify these persons as defaulters, it is generally assumed that they are being summoned to make good on their commitments to the programme.

There were 112 persons named on the published list. It comprised 76 males and 36 females. The listed addresses indicated a spread throughout the entire country. The graphic below shows the distribution according to constituencies. One person’s address was listed as Canada.


Distribution of Student Loan Defaulters According to Constituency

The publication of this list has generated quite a lot of discussion on social media. Some person  are totally against the move to, as they put it,  “name and shame” our young people. Then, there are those who think that it was neecessary to bring attention to what is emerging as an important isssue.

It would be interesting to find out why so many persons have chosen to default on loans granted to them to pursue studies. Is it a question of inability to pay back? Or, is it a question of unwillingness to pay. Whatever the situation, it must be negatively impacting on the sustainability of the National Student Loan Programme.

Most, if not all,  of the persons named on the list are gainfully employed right here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Others have apparently migrated in search of better opportunities. Whatever the case, they clearly do not consider repayment of their student loan to be high on their list of priorities. It does not matter to them  that refusal to pay puts the progammme in jeopardy and stymies the chances of other young people seeking to finance their college and university education.

As a grateful beneficiary of similar student loans in the past, both as a student and as the parent of a student, I am in full support of any measure taken by the authorities to get persons to honour their debts in this regard,

To those who have criticized the publication of the list, I say, stop complaining! If there is anyone whom you know on the list, call them up and urge them to meet their commitments. It is the patriotic thing to do.

Finally, if any of the defaulters are reading this, do the right thing and pay up!

SVGTU Elections: Re-elect Cain, Doyle and Bynoe …3 sterling stalwarts!

Over the past biennium, some members of the SVGTU executive have worked very hard in advancing the interests of the union and its membership. They are now seeking re-election. In this article, I wish to offer my sincere endorsement for these candidates. I think that they should be given the opportunity to serve again. I refer to no other persons but Cain, Doyle and Bynoe, three sterling stalwarts of the outgoing executive.


Bro Kent Cain

The first among these stalwarts is Bro Kent Cain. He served as as 2nd vice-president on the outgoing executive and now seeks re-election to that position. Bro Kent has been a faithful and committed member of the executive. He gave solid support  and has acquitted himself as a dependable team player. Brother Kent also showed his mettle during the recent impasse with the government. He gave full support to the cause of the union amidst pressure from many of his colleagues. The union needs committed foot soldiers and generals like Bro Kent. He should be returned to office.

Sis Sharon Doyle

Then, there is Sis Sharon Doyle. Sharon served as a committee member and she now seeks re-election. I have known Sharon for many years. As far as I could tell, she has never missed a union activity of significance. Sis Sharon is perhaps one of the most dependable members I have come across. As committee member, she has been the one to cover for the often absent Jane Farrell and fulfill her duties. On many occasions, Sharon has been the one who took minutes whenever Jane failed or refused to show up. We need people like Sharon Doyle back on the executive. Give her your support!


Sis Wendy Bynoe

Finally, the current PRO Sis Wendy Bynoe is seeking re-election to that post. In the interest of full disclosure, I consider Wendy a friend. I must therefore declare my bias in her favour. My personal feelings not withstanding, very few would disagree that Sis Wendy has done an outstanding job as public relations officer during her tenure. She made SVGTU a household name; she has been the voice and face of the union; during the recent impasse with the government Wendy took  a lot of flak from those in high authority and even a few misguided and disgruntled members. But, she bore it all with poise and dignity. Even without my endorsement, Sis Wendy Bynoe has done more than enough to merit re-election. Give her your full support!

Along with Bro Oswald Robinson, who seeks re-election as president, Bro Kent Cain, Sister Sharon Doyle and Sister Wendy Bynoe constitute the elements on the outgoing executive who worked extremely hard and made great personal sacrifices for the cause of our union. They represented the stable influence and the forward advance that the union attempted over the past biennium. They now seek re-election. I therefore urge all members to give them your full support without reservation or hesitation.

Philbert “Peejohn” John

SVGTU Elections: Robbie or Govie?


robbbie and govie

Bro Oswald Robinson and Bro Sheldon Govia

It’s election time for the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU). On February 17 and 18, 2016, members of the union will vote for a new executive. I continue to urge all members of the union to vote. But, before you do, you must thoroughly assess the candidates. In this article, I share my views on the two gentlemen vying for the position of president, Bro Oswald Robinson and Bro Sheldon Govia.

I begin with current president, Bro Oswald Robinson. During the biennium, Bro Oswald made an effort to advance the cause of the union. However, he encountered several challenges. Among the most critical of these was the undermining and backbiting from key members of his team. There were times when he could have been more assertive in exercising his leadership. But, Robbie means well and once given the necessary support he will continue to serve the union well.

Among the issues that Robbie championed with zeal include:

  1. Staunch defense of the Collective Agreement, particularly Article 16;
  2. Fighting the government in court on the matter of the three teachers who were forced to resign their jobs despite the government’s agreement to grant election leave;
  3. Championing the cause of Otto Sam in and out of court challenging his illegal transfer and subsequent dismissal from the service;
  4. Forcing the government to agree to a salary increase after several years of a unilaterally imposed “wage freeze”;
  5. Demonstrating the fortitude to lead the union in industrial action despite the many obstacles.
  6. His stellar representation of the SVGTU in regional and international for such as meetings of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) and Education International (EI). He is highly respected in these bodies.

As the voice of teachers in the country, Bro Oswald has been a force to reckon with. Robbie does have his limitations as we all do. In this regard he is always prepared to listen and take advice if it becomes necessary. It is my considered view that Robbie is by far a much better choice than the other gentleman running for president.

Bro Sheldon Govia, the current first vice-president has chosen to run for president against the president with whom he has served. This fact in itself tells a story. I find this to be quite brazen of him given his record of poor performance and the blatant undermining of the National Executive. Govie’s main concern during his tenure was receiving the monthly stipend and travelling overseas.

Bro Sheldon disappointed many when it was determined that he actively worked against the union during the recent impasse with the government. He blatantly chose to go to work when the union called a strike. Further, it became clear that Govie and the others of his ilk were motivated by party politics as they disregarded the struggles of the union. In short, Govia is slow, inarticulate, incompetent, and untrustworthy! With him as president, the SVGTU would become the laughing stock of the country and the rest of the trade union world.

Watch and think carefully about whom you plan to vote for president. You have a choice between a zealous advocate for our union’s cause on one hand. On the other, there is  one who has shown a willingness to sell out in times of crisis. It is either Robbie or Govie. You know where I stand! Put back Robbie!

Philbert “Peejohn” John

SVGTU Elections: Go out and vote!

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU) will hold elections on February 17 and 18, 2016. These elections come at a crucial time in the development of our union. I urge all members to go out and vote. Exercise your franchise. Make sensible choices regarding whom you think would best serve the interests of the organization and its membership.

An official list of the candidates for each position has been published on social media- Facebook to be exact. This list presents quite an interesting mix of old and new faces. There are some who show bright promise; there are those whose record of past performance suggests that they should be returned. And, of course, there are those whom should be totally rejected and disregarded  for their dismal  performance and painful betrayal during the past biennium!

I urge my colleagues to seek information. Do NOT fall for the attractive posters that are currently making the rounds as the campaign heats up.Thoroughly assess each candidate and choose carefully. Consider a blend of past performance and future promise. Soundly reject those who are merely engaged in the pursuance of personal ambition; vote against the few who have already demonstrated a willingness to put their party loyalty above the union’s agenda. We must severely punish those who have blatantly betray the cause of the union.

The future of the SVGTU is in our hands. Go out and vote. Choose wisely!

P. John’s strike? My non-response to Denniston Douglas


I read an interesting piece in the Searchlight of Tuesday October 20, 2015 captioned: “Whose mandate, Mr President?” and purportedly written by one Denniston Douglas as a letter to the editor.

Mr Douglas, in his missive, sought to establish that I played a very significant  role in bringing about the strike of October 13, 2015. Yes, that strike called by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) and the Public Service Union (PSU). The gentleman erroneously suggests that I was somehow the mastermind and chief instigator of the whole affair.

I can respond to Bro Denniston point by point, but I choose NOT to. I will say this, however, that his is a fantastic piece of literature. I also wish to commend him for the dramatic improvement in his language skills as evidenced in the piece. Good going brother. Keep it up! You are poised to join the pantheon of the Caribbean’s literary greats!

In the meantime, I wish to get back to the awesome task of advancing the interests of my students and my colleagues as we continue to give full effect to the education revolution. I think I still have a small contribution to make in this regard. – Discover Yourself! – Discover Yourself!.



  • Happy World Teachers’ Day!

    Today is World Teachers Day!

    World Teachers’ Day is held annually on 5 October to celebrate the essential role of teachers in providing quality education at all levels. It also commemorates the anniversary of the 1966 signature of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers.

    Can anyone tell me how we have observed this day in St. Vincent and the Grenadines? Is it passing without much fanfare?

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